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Luxury Bali Spa Package

With a total duration of 2,5 hours treatment, your journey will start with 60 minutes of Balinese Massage, this healing treatment is inspired by classical Hindu Medical science (Ayurveda). This massages is uses a combination of gently stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy. 60 minutes of Balinese Boreh, this ancient Balinese remedy begins with sea salt exfoliation followed by application of spices body mask onto the body when cold or flu threatens, or to soothe aching muscles. And 30 minutes of mini facial, a quick facial treatment to cleanse and refresh your skin face.



Direct reservation for SPA at +62 368 21038 or just dial extension ‘’0’’ from room to book for SPA.

OR book your spa via email at

(we require pre-booking of 3 days before the treatment date)

Discover Other Rejuvenate Treatments


Rejuvenation Package

Saranam signature treatment for total 3 hours, starting with 60 minutes Saranam Signature Massage, designed with personalized therapy using Lomi-lomi and Swedish techniques, working deep into the muscles area. Conclude with foot ritual, leaves you...

Luxury Java Spa Package

A 2,5 hours treatment starts with 60 minutes of Javanese Massage, this aromatic massage combines aromatherapy infusion with skilful therapeutic techniques to relax the body and calm the mind. 60 minutes of Javanese scrub, a...

Spa Indulgence

A Luxury 4 hours treatment with 60 minutes of choice between Balinese massage or Javanese massage, 60 minutes with choice of body scrub, 60 minutes of foot reflexology, and finish with 60 minutes of basic...

Balinese Coffee Scrub

Made from finely ground Bali coffee. This richly, aromatic scrub will smooth your skin elevate your mood, continue with carrot conditioner to moisturizer the skin. Duration for treatment is 60 minutes.

Soothing Coconut Scrub

This gentle scrub, made from freshly granted coconut, is perfect for sensitive or sunburn skin. A shooting and lusciously aromatic experience. Carrot conditioner is applied after scrub is removed. Duration of treatment is 60 minutes.

The Other Spa Packages

Foot Reflexology (30/60 minutes) Acupressure of major reflex point on the feet and lower leg to promotes circulation, relaxation while decreasing stress and fatigue, leaving you energized and refreshed   Head, Back & Shoulder Massage (30/60...